Thursday, February 26, 2009

How dumb do you have to be???

Okay, I just have to share this post with you from one of my favorite blogs, CakeWrecks.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog and have shared it with a gaggle of gals.  I have read other posts of her's showing the things people write on cakes and I normally just shake my head in amazement.  But today's post just sent me over the edge.  I think it really must be the fact that I'm getting sick AGAIN.  Post Nasal Drip is not my friend and frankly, if I could find Post Nasal Drip, I'd kick its ass.  Anyways, enough about my bodily functions...

Maybe I'm lucky that I've never encountered anyone in a bakery dumb enough to do this type of thing, or maybe I'm unfortunate since I've never experienced this personally, I don't have any pictures to contribute to her.  Either way, I just don't understand how someone could place an order for a cake, give the baker/decorator instructions on how they want the cake to look, and those very same instructions wind up on the cake as part of the decoration.  I mean, really people, if you work in a bakery, does it really make sense that someone would want "in place of 'love' put a heart" written on the top of a cake?  Does that make sense to you?  Wouldn't something in your batter-filled brain make you stop and verify this stuff???

I know decorating cakes is hard work.  That's why I don't do it.  That's why I use bakeries.  I'm no dummy, I know when to call in a professional. name ain't Betty Freaking Crocker or Martha Freaking Stewart!    But come on!!!  People really never cease to amaze me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Croup, croup, croup

What?  Did the circus come to town?  Did the seals escape?  Did the dogs let them in?

Just when I thought things were gonna settle down around our house, Bean goes and gets croup!  Croup, you say?!?  Yep, if you've ever been woken up at 1am to the sound of a barking seal in your house, then you've met Croup.

I had never met Croup before so I was sure that Bean had either become possessed or eaten a squeaky toy.  Either one is not high up on my list of things I ever wanted to deal with.  I didn't even know my child could make those kind of noises.  So off to the pediatrician we go for another visit.  Bean must have thought they had been missing her at the doctor's office, I guess.  After another visit and another few notes on her medical chart, she was diagnosed with croup AND another ear infection!

For those of you that have never dealt with croup, here's a quick overview of what it is exactly (nope, I didn't know either) and what advice I was given to help Bean through it.  I'd also like to apologize to my sister-in-law because I had no idea it was contagious!  Oops...

Croup is a viral infection of the vocal chords, voice box, and windpipe.  It is usually part of a cold and can cause hoarseness (check) due to swelling of the vocal cords.  There is a distinctive cough (check) that occurs with infections of the voice box.  The cough is tight (check), low-pitched (check) and barky (check) like a barking seal.  [Checklist is complete, Doctor.]  (Information taken from Your Child's Health by Dr. Barton D. Schmitt.)  The peds told me they could either give me a prescription for some steroids or I could wait it out for about 72 hours.  I decided to forego the steroids because I just am tired of trying to force medicine down this poor baby and if there are other alternatives, I'd much rather try those first.  The other advice I was given was once the coughing started to stand with Bean in front of the open freezer door and let her breathe in the cold air or I could wrap her up warmly and take her outside for a few minutes to breathe in the cold winter air.  Thankfully, I only had to try the freezer option once for just a few minutes and that helped alot.  No medicine!  Yay says Bean!

I think the Beanster is on her way back to good health, and I hope the barking seal won't be heard around our house again.  I never was a huge fan of the circus anyhow.