Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bean is 18 months old today!

Woohoo! Happy Half-Birthday, Bean!

Today was also her 18 month check up. It was just an "okay" check up. The weight gain wasn't what I had thought it would be or hoped for. At 15 months, Bean was 17 pounds and I was told to try and get some weight on her. She only went up to 18.4 pounds. She is 30 inches tall.

But the somewhat bad news is she is borderline anemic. So I was given a list of foods to give her to try and get the iron levels up. For the most part, she is already eating all of those foods. But one day she'll eat well and the next day she just wants to pick at her food.

She got her finger pricked to check her iron and she wasn't bothered by that at all. Nothing. Then the two shots came and so did the screaming and crying...and the holding the breath. That's the worst part, well, the tears are right up there, too. Her reaction just surprised me this time. This kid has taken six shots at once and cried for maybe a minute and then was back happy and smiling at everyone. smiling at all. Just the screams and the cries. Then I almost started crying. I hate that part, too.

But the good news is no more scheduled doctor's visits until the Big 2! Go Bean.

*Did anyone else ever experience this...when the nurse said "we'll see you at your 2nd birthday", I thought "what do you mean 2nd birthday? Whahuh??? What do you mean "two years old"? Say what??? She's still just a little baby. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Happy 18 months!!! I was the same way. I had to do a double take in my brain. 2 years!?! Are you serious!?

  2. Haha - Your days of saying her age in "months" is numbered! :-)

  3. Happy 18 months! She is adorable. Two is def. hitting me harder than one with my little one.

  4. Brad wants his daughter back!


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