Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 2nd Birthday Bash!

The Bean was so excited it was finally time for her birthday party.  She must have thought we had forgotten it was her birthday because she told us about 15,000 times that morning, "It's my birthday!"  Yep, we know.  Trust me, we know.

I started off decorating for the party the night before.  I put up the garland I made and Hubz hung some ribbon for us.  I knew that last year I hadn't planned well and was running around going crazy at the last minute.  I didn't want to do that again.

I had found cupcake toppers online and wanted to have some for the party.  I didn't have any of the tools to make them and I wasn’t sure how to really get the images so that I could print it all out.  I emailed my friend Leeanna, who is a Stampin' Up distributor, and within a couple of hours she emailed me back a list of the items I would need and she had made a computer file for me to use in printing the images. (Quick ad - If you are in need of any stamping supplies or would like more info on Stampin’ Up, I highly recommend Leeanna.  She also has her own blog, That’s So Cute, where she shows how to make all of her cute cards and projects.)

So anyways, at first my idea was to make these cupcake toppers but then I started thinking that the theme for Bean's first birthday party was cupcakes.  Cupcakes everywhere!  I couldn’t repeat myself, could I?  I’d never be able to show my face in proper preschool society ever again!  So I scratched the cupcakes and decided to use these toppers as decorations around the house.

I glued the toppers to some ribbon and made a garland to go around my MIL’s mantel.  I also used some of the toppers as name tags for the goody bags.  Yes, I caved and made goody bags.  I swore I wouldn’t ever try and bribe someone to come to a party but I did.  I mean, it was fun making them and they turned out really cute.  I’m still against the whole idea but I had fun making them.  Don’t tell anybody, okay?


Here I took my MIL’s lazy susan and wrapped it with tissue paper.  I took mason jars and added some ribbon and used them to hold the utensils.  I added more toppers as decorations, too.

I thought it all turned out pretty.  I didn’t go overboard.  Hubz kept telling me not to and I actually listened.  Well, actually, I got tired and ran out of time but if Hubz thinks he won the battle...okay, fine.  Then it was time to get dressed for the party.

I found this dress back in the spring at a consignment sale.  It says “Birthday Girl” and Bean loved it.  She twirled herself all around in it.

Once all the guests got there we served pizza.  I know it's not real "fairy" food.  Abby Cadabby probably doesn't eat a lot of pizza but after all the fuss and craziness I got into last year in making all the food, I wanted something easy.  So salad, breadsticks, pizza and some boneless wings is the way we went.  

Then it was time for presents.  I'm not sure what Bean enjoyed more - the gift wrap and tissue paper or the actual presents.  She got some really cute outfits, books, a purse, food for her kitchen, all kinds of wonderful goodies.  But she also got her very first Playdoh.  I was pretty excited cause I love playing with Playdoh.  I'm probably strange (okay, I'm definitely strange) but I really like the smell of it.  So the first time we took it out and started playing with it, I put it up to my nose and told Hubz "Ah, it smells so good."  Now every time Bean takes some out of its container the first thing she does is hold it up to her nose and says "So good".  Cracks me up every time.


After the presents,  I could tell we were entering "Nap Zone".  There was a point when Bean secluded herself from everyone else and sat in a chair with her back to everyone.  Big clue.  So I rushed to the cake.


Bean had already had some practice the week before when she and I decorated a birthday cake at home for her.  She is an expert candle-blower-outer.  But when it was showtime this day, she decided she didn't want to perform.  Hubz kept trying to get her to blow out the Abby candle.  I'm sure Abby was sitting there saying "Hey little girl!  My head's on fire here!  Could you help me out?"  But Bean didn't care about Abby's do.  She just sat there.  Hubz even picked up the candle and brought it closer to her.  Still nothing.  So Hubz blew the candle out.  He said he made a wish for lots of toys but I hope he meant toys for Bean, not him.  I'm not so sure though.

We had a great time and I hope that fun was had by all that attended.  We'll do it all again next year and maybe, just maybe there will be an appearance by a sock monkey or two.  

Happy Birthday Bean!!!!


  1. What fun - looks like she had a great time. Fabulous dress and decor!!

  2. Sounds and looks like a wonderful party! You're so creative, and I know Bean adored all the attention. Happy belated birthday to Bean :)


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