Monday, August 16, 2010

Bean is grownin' on up!

Bean sure is growing right up. She's doing it way too fast for my liking, too.

Today was her first day of preschool. I was running so behind I forgot to take a picture or twelve. She's gonna have to let me make up for it this evening. She probably won't be a willing party.

We are still working on our potty training or potty learning as some like to call it. Personally, I like to call it Bean's World Tour of Toilets.

When we are out in public she always says "I gotta go potty". Usually she says this as loud as her little lungs will let her, too. Ah, those knowing grins of anyone in ear shot. But once we are in the potty, it's a fifty-fifty shot of there being any real "production". Most times these little trips just make me realize how much I have to go "potty" myself. Then begins the best game Bean knows how to play..."Let's see how fast Mommy can go potty while I try to open the stall door". She thinks this is hilarious. And she does it all with a huge grin on her face.

That's fine. Grin away, Bean. I will remember this one day...


  1. We're working on the potty too. One day she'll really want to do it. lol

    Def have to get pics when she gets home!!

  2. Heehee..... Such a big girl going to preschool now!! :)


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