Wednesday, September 8, 2010's Wednesday?

I have officially lost a whole day somewhere.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and didn't do too much laboring. This weekend was also the official start to college football and Hubz sure didn't miss any televised game. Well, he might have missed one or two when my hissy fit finally kicked in late Saturday afternoon. He did walk away from the television long enough to go out to eat with some friends we hadn't seen in a few weeks.

I did try to make the kickoff of the season go smoothly for him. I made an appetizer fest with all kinds of calorie-laden snacks and dips. I even actually brought him a couple of beers without any thought of dumping them over his head. Wha? Huh?? Why so grumpy, Pinkie???

"Football Frustration" is what I call it.

You know the feeling that comes over you when you have a mile long Honey-Do-List that is gathering dust, you need help bringing in groceries, your child is saying "Mommy, Daddy's yellin' at the T.B.", and your husband is camped out on the couch, all decked out in his favorite college gear, hooting and hollering at the top of his lungs because you know those boys on the "T.B" can hear him. It just becomes too much.

I mean, you never see a woman dressed in her pearls, apron and high heels, sprawled out all over the couch, yelling at the "T.B." saying "Show that glue gun who's boss!", and salivating because the newest season of The Martha Stewart Show has started. That never happens. Not even in my wildest fantasies does that happen. And if it ever did, do you think my husband would be in the kitchen making me snacks and running me mimosas? Not gonna happen. Ever.

Now, I don't mind a little football. I do love to watch our Dawgs play. And I will admit that if there is a really cute player on another team...ahem, like Tebow, then I can force myself to be interested here and there. But not every game between Thursdays through Mondays.

And what's the worst thing about Football Frustration that has me almost in tears? It's just the beginning. There's, what, 15 more weeks in the regular season and then there's playoffs and bowl games. This football crap won't be over until February. Pray for me.

Anyone else out there experiencing any Football Frustration?


  1. Oh yes. I call myself a football widow. My hubby is in 3 fantasy football leagues. So last Tuesday he was on the computer from 6:30-10pm & also Monday & Tuesday night this week doing his drafts. He doesn't watch college football. We can't make plans ever on Sundays of football season.

  2. Totally get it! My hubby doesn't even hear me talking to him when he's into a game. Then he says later that I never told him when I most certainly did! He just wasn't paying attention. I will say that out of all sports he watches I can actually sit and watch football with him. The others I tell him to change the channel.

  3. Lucky for me, my husband hates sports! (But even if he didn't, he wouldn't leave his computer/tv in our bedroom to come socialize with us anyway.)

    My children don't hate sports, but they don't hog the tv. And they have their own tvs, as well.

    I am so looking forward to Parenthood, Life Unexpected, and Criminal Minds! But I will have to find a replacement for True Blood after this week, and Project Runway after that's over.



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