Monday, August 1, 2011

Our trip to the Children's Museum

During our vacation we decided to take Bean to the Children's Museum of Atlanta. Hubz asked me what a children's museum was. I told him I was pretty sure that they didn't have various sizes and styles of kids hanging on the walls for us to view but other than that, I wasn't real sure.

I knew they had a child-sized grocery store for kids to "shop" in because I saw it on the website. And I knew that in itself was something Bean would enjoy so that was a good enough reason to make the visit.

They did have an "exhibit" for lack of a better word that shows a little bit about how our food gets from a farm to a grocery store. In this area, kids could sit on a tractor and try their hands at milking a cow.  Kids think this stuff is fun. If they had to grow up on a farm like some of us had to, they'd know better.

Then they got to get on a delivery van with a conveyor belt delivering the farm goods to a store.  In the store section, there were small carts and baskets for the kids to go around and make their shopping selections.  Bean was a pro at this step.

After the store, there was a section with a large play kitchen for the groceries to be whipped up into wonderful meals.

Here's my Masterchef.

After the pretend cooking was all done and we were full on imaginary cuisine, it was onto the "woodsy" section where kids can fish and climb through a tree house.

Hubz is telling Bean all of his fishing tips.  This was a VERY long conversation.

It's hard to make out but both my "babies" decided to climb into the treehouse so I could take their picture.  Such hams.

After the outdoorsy stuff, we made our way through a section all about sports.  Bean wasn't impressed (again, this is definitely MY KID) and we found the sand tables.  Bean loved this section.  She played here for a long time.  I loved the play sand.  It wasn't too wet.  They sold tubs of it but I thought I might could find some recipes online and will eventually try to make our own.  Or at least it's on my to-do list.

There was a section on inventions and contraptions that moved ball pit balls all around.  Hubz liked this section and spent a lot of time there.

Next to that section, kids could plant fabric flowers in flowerbeds.  Again, Bean loved this but she didn't get this interest from me, but I do believe it was probably passed down from my Granny.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon.  We probably will go again if they change out their exhibits or add to them.  Bean really loved it.  It's a great place for toddlers to explore.  Parents need valium and/or earplugs.  Just a friendly parenting tip there.

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  1. We used to have a kids museum here but they shut it down when they built the new museum. It has a kids section, but it's not as cool as the old one. Glad Bean got to have some fun!! :)


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