Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 4

The streak had to break sometime...

I have zero pictures of today's gift.  Last night, our air conditioner unit outside caught on fire so we now have no air conditioning.  This is not good for a summer in Georgia.  So as you might imagine, my mind was not totally on task last night as we put Thursday's gift together.

We used this really cute printable from Landeelu.

Landeelu's design

"You are o-fish-ally the best teacher."

We attached these to boxes and bags of Goldfish crackers.  This morning was Muffins with Mom and after the muffins, we walked around the school and handed them out to the front office and the teachers.  They all really seemed to like them.

Tomorrow is the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week so tune in to see what Pinterest project we used for the last day.

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