Friday, January 9, 2009

And now we have...thrush!

Well, had to take the Beaner back to the doctor one more time.  They should just build a drivethrough for us, I think.  First it was an ear infection, then it was a horrible rash, then ear infection again, now we have thrush.  Do you know what thrush is????  I didn't.

Basically, it's a yeast infection of the mouth.   One way you can get it is from taking antibiotics.  It is pretty gross to look in her mouth and see all this white gunk all over her tongue and cheeks.  And she hasn't wanted to eat or drink much.  She's just been pitiful.

So now's she's on another drug and fights me every time I try to give it to her.  I dread it.  She has to be tired of taking medicine and feeling puny.  I hope that she is better by her birthday next week.

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  1. Have you tried pro-biotics? (for babies/children, it's under the name, 'baby-jarradopholis') My son and I went through it for 6 WEEKS....medication after medication...finally my chiro suggested the probiotics, 3 days it was gone!!!!


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