Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Make It: Teacher Appreciation Week - Candy Gift Basket

Candy Gift Basket 

This gift was very easy to put together and thank Goodness!  I was feeling quite cruddy due to sinuses and just really wanted to head off to bed.  No, shocker, I didn't have this one already made.

Some of us are slackers and procrastinators.  It's true.

To be honest, we had all of the ingredients  for it but had not taken the time to put everything together.  Anyhoo...

Craft Recipe:
Basket - this one we found at Goodwill for .93 (Why .93?  That's a weird random amount.)
Candy - $1.00 a box from Kroger
Ribbon - ribbon stash
Thank You printable - Free Printable from The Suburban Mom
Hot Glue - Ellie Mae, my glue gun, reporting for duty!

I did think about spray painting the basket since it has a slight bit of paint on it.  As you can see, that thought did not hang around long.

I love, love, love this printable that The Suburban Mom shared.  Bean filled it out in no time and her answers were really cute but her slacker mom forgot to take a picture of it.  
Yay Mom!

It has questions about the favorite things about your teacher.  It's really cute.

The candy was problematic.  We bought it well over a week ago and I can't tell you how many times I had to say "stay away from that candy", and that was just to myself!

I thought since I was such a sorry crafter by not spray painting the basket, it needed some sprucing up so I added the ribbon and a matching almost-hairbow I made a while back and never used.  If I had been paying attention I could have added it to the other side that did not have any paint on it but I think that's over achieving and there's no reason to show off like that.

What are we doing for tomorrow?  I have no idea!  

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  1. What a great idea!! Everyone likes candy and goodies!!

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