Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinterest Projects - Bunny Eggs

This year Bean's class will have an Easter party and egg hunt.  All the students had to bring in filled eggs for the egg hunt.  I found this adorable idea one day on Pinterest and thought it would be a great activity for us to do.

Look at how cute those ribbon eggs are.  These are the creation of Christina from I Gotta Create!

Ribbon ear bunnies from plastic eggs @  I Gotta Create!

I pulled together my supplies but realized I didn't have any wired ribbon that would work.  Everything I had was either really wide or for a different holiday.  Christina also made these chenille eared ones and I had some pink chenille that I thought would work.  But nope, the chenille I had was too fat to go through the holes in the eggs.

What we did have on hand was plain old white pipe cleaners.  Fine.  Not as flashy but fine.  Whatever.  (Can you notice the slightest crafting disappointment there?)

We cut the pipe cleaners in half and ran them through the holes.  Hubz actually helped us and this was his job.  Bean had said that she wanted us to do this "as a family".  Hubz put on a smile and started making bunny ears.  Isn't he a good Daddy?

I hot glued on the eyes and the tails.  My fingers are still recovering.  They'll be fine as soon as the crusty wears off.

Bean made the bunny faces.  She is getting to be a pro at making faces on our crafts.

So here's our version of the bunny eggs.

Look at that one being all cheeky!

Some of them needed some added washi tape to help keep their pants up.

They didn't turn out as crafty cute as the ones Christina made but Bean was very proud of them.  She thought the bunny ears and tails were the cutest.

Update on the charity walk that wasn't.

Last week I shared that I would be participating in a weekend charity walk for breast cancer survivors.  Sadly, our walk did not happen.  I got up Saturday morning to thunder and lightening.  I was hoping that it would blow over by the time the walk started.  It rained on me the whole way there but as soon as I pulled into the parking lot it stopped.

I thought that would be a good sign.  But as soon as my team captain arrived and I met up with her, the bottom dropped out again.  Within 3 minutes we were soaked to the bone.  But walking in cold rain is nothing compared to battling breast cancer so none of us really thought we should complain.

We were still ready and willing to walk...then the lightening started.  It was a little scary to be outside holding umbrellas with lightening all around.  The event coordinators checked the radar and told us that they were calling the walk.  They didn't think it was safe for everyone to be out in the elements like that.

Hopefully it will be rescheduled and we can still participate.  My friend Tracy and I still want to do it so even if it isn't rescheduled, maybe she and I can do it on our own.  That's the plan.

I would like to say thanks and send out big hugs to everyone that donated to the effort.  I was able to reach my goal of raising $400!  Thank you all so much.

And as I promised, here are a couple of pictures taken during heavy rains.

The first one is me waiting to check in at walker registration.

This one is of my good friend Barbie that I haven't seen in forever and a day, me, and then my friend and team captain, Tracy.

Even though it was soggy, freezing and gloomy, we had a great time catching up with each other.  Thanks again to everyone that supported us.  You guys rock!  And thanks Doc for the breakfast!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Walk...maybe crawl...for charity.

I'm not really sure I know what I've gotten myself into but tomorrow I will be participating in a local Breast Cancer 1-Day Walk.  I joined my "longest" (we don't say oldest around here) friend, Tracy and her group, and have almost reached my goal of raising $400!  Woot woot to me!

This is really a 3.7 mile walk around Lake Peachtree which is a very pretty area here.  3.7 miles probably doesn't sound like a lot to most of you.

Most of you probably don't need a nap after doing 3 loads of clothes either.  Well, to be honest, I can take a nap any time, with or without housework involved.  But to say that I am on the low-end of the physically fit spectrum would be the most truthful thing you might say this year.

I don't work out.  I don't exercise.  Frankly, those two words make me feel like napping.

Just look at this picture from a past walk.

Those chicks look like they mean business!  They are almost running.  Sheesh.  You see the chicks way in the back?  That will be me.

So I am hoping that I don't embarrass myself, my team or my family name.  I also hope I don't sprain anything, break anything, fall into the lake or find myself in the back of an ambulance or hearse at any point tomorrow.  I did buy new running shoes and have already had the talk with them that they probably will not live up to their true potential having been unlucky enough for me to purchase them.  I haven't bought new running shoes in 7 years.  Did I mention I don't exercise much?  Yeah, so maybe at least I will look cute on my way around the lake.

If you would like to read more about the walk or even possibly be so generous as to donate, please take a look at my walker page.  Hopefully I can post some pictures if I make it back alive.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dr. Seuss stealing my thunder.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I recently celebrated my birthday.  You know who else was cool enough to be born in March?

Dr. Seuss.

That's right.  All the cool people are born in March.  Except Bean.  She's a January baby and that's pretty cool, too.

Bean's school, just like all the other preschools all over the country usually spend the first week of March celebrating Dr. Seuss and his work.

Part of these celebrations at Bean's school include Wacky Tacky Day.  They can go to school dressed well...wacky and/or tacky.

Bean was able to do wacky and tacky very well this year.  See.

I also stole this idea from Pinterest and made her some Cat in the Hat hair clips.  Can you see them in the picture above?

We do wacky and tacky like a boss!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My child is different and I think that's cool.

I know we are all different.  That's what makes us all so cool.

And truthfully, any 5 year-old at any given time could honestly be thought of as "different".

Bean is definitely "different".  How do I know she's different?

Let me show you one way.

She likes to remove the hoodie from her coat and wear it all by itself, all snapped up.

No, really, that's not bad in the least.  I think it's kind of cute.

And it's a toned down version of the outfits she usually puts together.

But at 5, these types of things are cute.  At 10, they start to stand out.  At 15, these types of things could be the reason she might be picked on at school or ostracized by classmates.

Why is it that we think these displays of individuality at an early age are so precious but grow to hate them when a child gets older?  I'm celebrating the fact that my child looks at clothing in a different way than I do now but if she continues to do this as she gets older, how will I react?  Will I have patience for it?  Will I have the words to soothe her when she comes home from school upset that someone made fun of her?  Should I try to "nip it in the bud" now and make her conform to normal ways of thinking already?

Really, I'm not concerned about it at all.  But I did wonder why we think toddlers who show their individual spirit are so cute but those same kids who show their individuality at an older age are made to feel "not normal" or "freaks" later on in life.  Why is it cute at 5 but freaky at 15?

It shouldn't be that way.  People should be able to feel comfortable at any age when they decide to show their own true spirit.

I hope I can remember writing this in 10 years when Bean might be going through a tough time feeling like she doesn't fit in or maybe she'll have a friend that feels this way.

Bean, I celebrate you today and tomorrow for the things that make you who you are.  For the things that make you different than that kid sitting next to you.  For the things that make you MY Bean.  I love them all and I think everything about them and you are cool beyond belief.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Again? Really?

So...Friday was my birthday.  Yes, that's right.  Another year older.  How many years you might ask?  Hush your mouth, I might say.

What did I get for my birthday?  Two days of absolute nastiness spent between the couch, the bed and the bathroom.  I will spare you all the gory details but no, it wasn't fun.  It still isn't completely gone and I'm still not having fun with it.

This makes me think back to actually how long one of the three of us in our household has been sick.  Someone has had something to deal with since Christmas Eve.

Frankly, I'm a little sick of being sick.  I know, I know.  There are folks out there that have it worse than we do.  We should be grateful.  I know.  Believe me, I know.

But I'm ready to call in those two English women that used to go around and look at people's homes and show them all the funk they had growing that they couldn't see.  I'm wondering if we don't have something like that going on.  Do they make Lysol bombs?  Probably not but they should and I should totally get royalties on that idea.

And now Hubz comes home Friday night talking about some "super virus", CRE, that is going around the country's hospitals and there is no cure for it.  Hubz works in some local Atlanta hospitals doing cabling installation.  He is all over these hospitals in areas you wouldn't think they'd allow regular joes to be.  So at any given time he could have come home with this super virus or any other creepy, crawly disease and we'd never know.  How gross is that?  So now we have a new system for his delousing when he comes home from a day at a hospital.  Our pediatrician was nice enough to give us some tips on this subject, too.

If you have any tips on how to battle the sickies or how you handle the spread throughout your house, please share them below.  I'd love any help I could get to finally get us all well.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting back to ourselves.

The Beanster and I have been quite sick lately.  Especially the Bean.

Last week her school called and said that she had woken up from her nap shivering and complaining with her throat.  By the time I got there she had gotten sick.  She was pitiful.  I finally got her in to a doctor and by then her temp was 104.3.  After various tests it was determined she didn't have strep or the flu.  They weren't quite sure what she had.  They sent samples off and still the next day it was inconclusive.  They did find bacteria in her blood which could have gotten in from her last ear infection.  So she has been on antibiotics all week and she missed 3 days of school.

The day before all of this started I went to the doctor and found out I had bronchitis and sinusitis.  So we have just been sharing the love and the germs around here I guess.