Friday, June 13, 2008

On Father's Day, I'll miss my own Daddy

My Dad has been gone for several years now but I still miss him daily.  I was always "Daddy's Little Girl".  My Dad could do no wrong.  I look like my Dad.  Well, my features are more like his.  I have his blue eyes, his coloring - hair, skin tone, and nose.  He was my hero and always will be.

One great memory I have of my Daddy is the one and only time my Mom left him to babysit me while she went somewhere with my Granny.  Daddy and I were in the house most of the day.  He was watching TV and I was playing with my dolls.  He fell asleep in his recliner and I decided that one of my dolls needed a haircut.  So off to find the scissors, I went.  I was probably 6 or 7 then.  Not really old enough to use my Mom's "good scissors" by myself.  But that fact wasn't gonna stop me.  All I knew was that Sabrina, my doll, needed a haircut and I was gonna give her one.

So I drug a kitchen chair over to the buffet that we had in the kitchen and where my Mom kept the scissors and dug them out of the top drawer.  Since my Daddy was asleep in his chair, I didn't want to bother him with having to get them for me.  I took the scissors and Sabrina and sat in the living room floor behind my Daddy's chair.  I used to sit in the same place and play for hours.  I liked sitting there because I was close to my Daddy and I was next to the bookshelf where I had all my books and some toys.

So I cut off Sabrina's long beautiful blonde hair and made her look soooo bu-ti-ful!!!!  When I was done with my masterpiece of a haircut, Sabrina looked like Dorothy Hamil or Mary Lou Retton.  She was so cute and let me tell you...for a 6 year old to be doing the cutting, the girl looked FIERCE!!!!

I had finished the haircut and just sat there playing with Sabrina and some other toys and telling Sabrina over and over how pretty she looked.  I was gonna ask my Daddy if he thought so, too, but he was still asleep.  I heard my Mom come in the door and walk in the living room.  Then I heard "Junior!  What happened here???" really loudly, like only a mother can do.  My poor Dad was still asleep in the chair and jumped up asking her what she was talking about.

She had come home to find blonde hair strewn all over the floor behind my Daddy's chair and then, as she got closer, she saw me sitting in the middle of it with her good scissors right next to me.  I remember looking up at both of them and saying "Look, doesn't Sabrina look pretty???  She needed a haircut and I did it all by myself."    I said, "Mommy, I even layered it."

After my Mom got through with me, she set her sights on my Dad.  I really think my Dad got the worst of it that day.  And from then on out, he was never asked to watch me again.  Poor Daddy.

Happy Father's Day to my Husband.

Well, this year will be my husband's first Father's Day!  (That we know of...he he he)  How are we celebrating?  Well, he's working.  Poor baby.  But we will try to do our Father's Day celebrating on Saturday instead.  I am still working on his present and hopefully will have it done next week.  Hopefully he will like it. 

I have seen my husband really blossom as a father over the past couple of weeks.  Granted, he has been a great daddy since Bean was born.  I had to have an emergency c-section and was pretty much out of it for the first 24 hours of her life, so Daddy jumped right in and took great care of her, fed her, changed her diapers, and watched over her.  I was actually a little jealous of the bond they seemed to have formed while we were all in the hospital.  But then, after we came home and got back to "real life", it seemed that he wasn't really excited about being a Dad.  He didn't really have a lot to do with our baby.  I will say that I probably didn't help because I thought that I had to be SuperMom and do everything or that it all had to be done my way.  So I might have unknowingly pushed him out of the way during those days.  And when I asked him about his lack of interest, he would tell me that he never really had much to do with any babies (and he'd been around plenty) until they got a little bigger and would interact with him more.

But for the past couple of weeks, he's surprised me on more than one occassion.  He has swooped her up and taken care of her while I did other things, (he would always do this but it would usually only last for about 5 minutes), he has introduced her to the Georgia Bulldogs Womens Softball and Mens Baseball teams, and he has actually gotten her to sleep on his own several nights while I stayed up. 

He is coming into his own with our little baby and I am very proud of him.  I think he's gonna make a great daddy and I'm glad I get to watch the whole thing.

Happy Father's Day, Baby!  AILY

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bean's New Trick!

Bean’s New Trick!

Little Bean is learning so much so fast!  I can’t believe she is already 4 1/2 months old!  Pretty soon we’ll be planning that first birthday trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  NOT!!!!

But I thought I’d pass along a Bean update.  She has learned a new trick!  She is now sticking out her tongue and doing raspberries.   She thinks she is the coolest Bean of all now and she can entertain herself with this trick.  I will try to update with a picture of her sticking her tongue out.  By the way, if you meet Bean and she smiles and sticks her tongue out, remember...she’s not trying to be fresh, this is her way of saying "I think you might be cool."   She doesn’t know how to shake hands yet so this is her way of saying ‘hi’.  And she loves it if you stick your tongue back out at her.

I don’t get it but whatever tickles her pickle!