Friday, May 9, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 5

Yay, it's Day 5!  Not that I don't appreciate the teachers but this has been a test to keep up with all week.  But I failed today.

We put the presents together last night but I thought "I'll wait until the morning to take the picture".

I should have known better.

I woke up at 7:23 this morning.  We got ready in 20 minutes.  I still don't have on makeup. pictures.

For the final day, we decided to print out this great classroom printable from eighteen25.

Property of eighteen25
We found a frame on ahem, clearance, ahem at Michael's and slid this in.  And that's that.

We also included two foaming soaps because Bean doesn't think it's a party without a trip to Bath and Body Works for some reason.

So Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 comes to a close but the appreciation still goes on.

Thank you to all the teachers out there.  Without you, we'd have to teach them ourselves.  Bean would grow up only knowing how cool the British Royal family is and how to cry when you get pulled over if it was left up to me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 4

The streak had to break sometime...

I have zero pictures of today's gift.  Last night, our air conditioner unit outside caught on fire so we now have no air conditioning.  This is not good for a summer in Georgia.  So as you might imagine, my mind was not totally on task last night as we put Thursday's gift together.

We used this really cute printable from Landeelu.

Landeelu's design

"You are o-fish-ally the best teacher."

We attached these to boxes and bags of Goldfish crackers.  This morning was Muffins with Mom and after the muffins, we walked around the school and handed them out to the front office and the teachers.  They all really seemed to like them.

Tomorrow is the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week so tune in to see what Pinterest project we used for the last day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 3

Yay!  We've made it to Wednesday and are still on track.  I am so surprised!

Today we sent in bottles of Fanta and used this adorable printable from 4 Men 1 Lady.  I loved this idea and it took all of 2 minutes to put it together.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's gift.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pinterest-Inspired Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 1 and 2

It's Teacher Appreciation Week.  I hope it didn't sneak up on you.  It's the week where we tell those teachers in our lives "thanks for putting up with my kid for more hours a day than I do and possibly teaching them a thing or two along the way".  And, of course, we found all of our ideas on Pinterest!  Why have an original idea anymore when you can just search for a pin???

Bean has two WONDERFUL AMAZING teachers this year.  I am not just kissing up when I say that if we get teachers like these two all during Bean's schooling years, we will be the luckiest folks around.  They put so much time and love into the kids in the class.  I am already dreading saying "see you later" in a few weeks.

Since we have such grand teachers this year, we wanted to let them know how much we really do appreciate them so we decided to give them a gift each day this week.  This was an ambitious plan but two days in and we are still on track.  Let's pray that we don't get lazy, sit on the couch, feed the kid potato chips for dinner, and not put our gifts together.

On Monday, Bean took her teachers bamboo plants in really cute painted ladybug planters.  We lucked up and found these little ladybugs at WalMart.  I'd love to show you a picture but even though I got off the couch to print off the cute printable from, I failed to take a picture of the end result.  But you can find this adorable printable here.

Ain't it cute!

Yes, it is.

Tuesday Bean took a wrapped Hershey bar to not only her two kindergarten teachers, she also took them to her music, art and after school teachers.  I found the editable printable at ItsWrittenOnTheWall on

This was so easy to edit and put together.  These turned out really well.  We think we'll make some more and take them into the front office for more brownie points!  Woot woot!

Tomorrow Bean is taking...I can't tell you yet!  Check back to see.

TwirlyGirl Dress Review and Coupon Code

I think we all know by now that Bean is a very girly girl and loves a great kids party dress.  Every girl looks great in kids dresses for parties as seen here.  Bean is no exception.  I was recently given the opportunity to review TwirlyGirl Dresses.

TwirlyGirl is a company started by Cynthia Jamin who realized early on she had an unique fashion sense.  That is something Bean definitely has in common.  She started a long time ago putting together her own outfits and hates the days when she has no choice in what she gets to wear.  That is one big reason so many things go unworn in kid’s closets.  If they don’t get to pick out their outfits, they won’t want to wear the clothes.  They want their own style to show through.  TwirlyGirl offers a variety of beautiful bright kid party dresses to fit any unique fashion style.

TwirlyGirl sent us their TwirlyGirl Pitter Patter Dress and Bean instantly loved it.  When it arrived, it was wrapped up in a colorful scarf that Bean immediately put on.  It’s a vibrant pattern of green, pink and orange.  Bean loved the big heart on the front.

This dress is unlike any other kids party dress I have seen.  While it’s made to twirl, it is not a stiff dress.  It is made of very light polyester and spandex.  It moves with the girl.  They can twirl and the dress will allow them to move without restricting any dance moves. That’s a plus!  It also has a fully lined bodice with a double stitched heart applique on the front.

Bean wore her TwirlyGirl Pitter Patter dress to her cousin’s birthday party.  We own a lot of girly, frilly kids dresses for parties and this TwirlyGirl dress fits right in.  It has become a favorite of Bean's now that the weather has turned warmer.

I really can't convey how light this dress is and Bean says it is "so comfy".  This is a fun dress.  And I have washed it several times and it is put together well.  Even while wearing dresses, little girls still love to run, jump, and twirl all over the place and this party dress holds up.

TwirlyGirl also has dresses for your dolls.  If your family includes an American Girl doll or the like, they can get their own TwirlyGirl dress and your daughter and her doll can match.  That is very cool I am told.

TwirlyGirl calls their dresses "wearable art" and I agree with that.  Each dress is a limited number design. Each design on the site is described with a pretty poem.  This is the one for the Pitter Patter design.

True Heart's Desire

Perhaps you’re hanging from a ladder,

Or stirring up some pancake batter,
Or maybe you’re on a baseball field,
With all your friends
Yelling “hey batter, batter.”

It doesn’t really matter,

If it’s a record you want to shatter,
Or magic seeds you’d like to scatter.

Do what makes your heart feel joy,

What makes it pitter-patter.

If you're not familiar with TwirlyGirl and have a little girly-girl yourself, check out their website where you can see all of their beautiful fun dresses.  You can find so many kids dresses for parties there. Right now, TwirlyGirl is giving our readers a 10% discount off their orders.  Just use the code JoyTG28 at checkout to save.  *Code is not valid on sale items, Design Your Own, or gift certificates and expires 05-14-14.

*I was sent a dress for the purposes of this review.  All opinions herein are my own.