Thursday, April 30, 2015

Read It: Brave Girls: Better than Perfect

We received a copy of Brave Girls: Better than Perfect, a 90-day devotional for girls ages 7 through pre-teen to review.  This book came at a great time for Bean.  She has a lot of friends at school but it seems as though the girls already have their own set of issues.  Each day there is a new story about someone not sitting with someone else, someone not being friends with someone else, or someone picking on someone else.  Ugh.  Hard to believe it starts this early.

I love the plain language of the book but I will say it might still be a little bit over Bean's head. After we read the daily devotional, I ask her if she has any questions and she seems a little lost.  But it can open up dialogue for other issues on her mind.  The other night we read a devotional page about not always having to be right. That led to a discussion on how Bean thought I liked her little cousin more than her.  So even if this book's daily topic doesn't strike a cord with your child, it can help to start wonderful discussions.  That's the beauty of devotionals.  I would recommend this book to any young girl wondering where she fits in.

Brave Girls:  Better than Perfect
A 90 Day Devotional
Published by Thomas Nelson

Book Description:

Better than perfect-that's what every girl is in God's eyes.
A young girl's doubt in her own self-worth starts from an early age. Am I pretty enough? Am I smart enough? Will I fit in? Do people like me? Am I worthy enough? These aren't questions asked by teens, but from precious girls in grade school! Brave Girls Faith and Honor will help girls navigate these questions and learn just how wonderful they are!
In this Brave Girls devotional, 90 engaging devotions will help young girls find their place in the world and learn that the beauty of their imperfections is what makes them unique, loved, precious, and "better than perfect" in God's eyes. Each devotion will include:
  • A relevant opening scripture from the Bible
  • A thought-provoking devotion to build a young girl's spirit
  • An engaging closing prayer to help the reader navigate her day!
*We received a free copy of the book for purposes of this review.  If you have a blog and would like to receive free books to review, check out the BookLook program.  

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