Monday, October 20, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Project - Elsa Pumpkin

The Bean recently came home from school with a Family Pumpkin Project.  The assignment was for her to decide who her favorite storybook character was and to create a pumpkin that looked like that character.  The rules were you could not carve the pumpkin but you could add paint and decorations to your heart's desire.

I love how this was a "family" project.  We all totally know that means the parents did all the work.

Yes, we did all the work.  Bean filled out the questionnaire.  I hope we get an A.

Bean immediately said she wanted to make an Elsa pumpkin.  I had no idea how that was supposed to happen but I did envision braiding some crochet thread to make that braid.

I did not want to make that braid. I suck at braiding.

So I used the time honored "parent steer" method.  Or I thought I did.  I said "hey Bean, instead of Elsa because there will probably be, like, 12 Elsas already, why don't we make Olaf?"

She was not immediately sold.  But I reminded her, several times, how much Olaf made her laugh.  She warmed up to this idea - pun intended.

I figured making Olaf would not be that hard.  Get 3 small pumpkins, paint them white and then somehow slap them together.

Let me tell you this isn't as easy as you might think.

Pumpkins do not like being slapped together. They resist the slapping and the togetherness.

I first used double sided tape because I could not find my glue gun.  By the time the glue gun was located, I had contemplated concreting the whole mess together.  While I was having a mini tantrum over these three damned pumpkins, I decided to consult my crafting bible, Pinterest, and lo and behold this fantastic beauty made by A Pumpkin and A Princess appeared and saved the day.

Disney Elsa Pumpkin Tutorial

Look at that thing!  That is a work of art.  It's beautiful!

I immediately threw Olaf off to try and totally steal and recreate this beauty.

I had similar paint.  I had a purple gemstone crown.  I had some crystals left over from Bean's birthday party.  I had glitter spray paint!!!!   Mine and the Tooth Fairy's favorite crafting item - glitter spray paint.  I love that crap.

But I did not have any snowflakes or any of those pretty swirly rhinestones.  Oh well.  They can't all be works of art.  

This is our Elsa pumpkin.

I sprayed the crown with white spray paint and then went back over it with the glitter spray.  We painted the pumpkin with some color called Azure and then sprayed the heck out of it with more glitter spray.  We used so much glitter spray that the jewels stuck to the pumpkin with no added hot glue.  We only lost one rhinestone in transport so if you are ever out of glue, grab your glitter spray paint.  If you don't have glitter spray paint, smack yourself upside the head and rush out to your craft store and buy some!!!!  

We got a lot of oohs and aahs on the way to class.  My elbow is so sore from patting myself on the back.  

Oh yeah, we also took Olaf.

Yes, that is the world's creepiest Olaf ever.
We can thank Hubz for his artistic donation to the family pumpkin project for that one.  Olaf did not weather the ride to school as well as Elsa did.  Thank goodness in the movie, Olaf continually falls apart.  In that way, our Olaf is very similar.  Poor creepy Olaf.

Please Teach, give us an A!!!