Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bye Bye Pinkie Bean! Hello Play Pretties!

I have been blogging about life with Bean since 2008.  During that time, depending on life, writing here has been a lot of "on and off".  Lately, I haven't really had the desire to post often.  I've noticed blogging is down all over.  I don't know if blogging is dead or even "mostly dead".  I'd hate to think it is.

I understand people change and so do their interests.  Mine certainly have.  Going through my whole thyroid ordeal, I rarely had the energy or drive to blog or craft.  My heart just wasn't into it and pinkieBEAN fell by the wayside.

I struggled with what to do with this space.  I started this blog as a baby book of sorts for Bean and it morphed into a mommy blog and then a crafty blog.  Bean is also getting to an age where she probably wouldn't want all of her life splashed on a blog for everyone to see.

I do like writing and sharing things we come up with though and I have made some awesome friends who even though we've never met in person, I feel that we are invested in each other's lives now and we want to see glimpses of our lives now and again.

Since August or September of last year, I have been getting more and more interested in planners.  After all these years, I discovered I still like playing with stickers!  I love everything about the planning world - the shops, the stickers, the Instagram feeds, the Plan with Me videos!  I feel that after such a long slump in creativity, I am finally finding something that is bringing me back to myself.

So having said all of that, we are morphing once again.   pinkieBEAN is now becoming Play Pretties.

Play Pretties is something that I have toyed with on and off for years.  I used it as a consignment name and my now defunct Etsy shop.  Due to lack of my own interest and/or lack of ambition, neither of those ever felt right and never took off.

The focus of Play Pretties will be planning and paper crafting with an occasional sighting of Bean thrown in.  I have also decided to stop using the moniker "Pinkie" and introduce you all to my real self - April.

I understand that playing with paper isn't everyone's cup of tea.  That is a sad cuppa but I do understand. If you would like to continue on this blogging journey with us, please make sure you are following us at one or all of these virtual locales:

Play Pretties blog:  (Don't forget the dash!)



As always, I thank and appreciate you all for spending your precious time with us along the way.  You are all truly amazing!  Now, let's go play with some stickers!