Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My review of Paddington

This past Saturday, Hubz and I took 9 little girls between the ages of 4-8 to see Paddington.  Here is my movie review.  There are spoilers.

I missed the opening and first 5 minutes of the movie because I was cleaning up the party room and getting popcorn for a little girl.

An explorer from London is talking to 3 bears telling them how great London is.  He tells them a story about small children being put on trains and sent to live with other families during the war.  He says no one turns anyone away and that all the children are looked after and loved because this is England and damn it, it is the best place in the world.

The explorer goes back to London but first tells the bears if they are ever in town, that they will always find a home with him.  Then a great earthquake comes to Darkest Peru and one of the bears does not make it.  Paddington stows away on a cargo ship while the aunt goes to live in the Home for Retired Bears.  

Not sure exactly what happens next because I had to get up to refill 5 drink cups and get more popcorn.

Came back and bear is talking to a lovely British family, the father being played by the brilliant Lord Grantham.  Lord Grantham does not want to bring said bear home.  Kooky mother overrides LG and they try to figure out a name for him. They look up to see the Paddington Station sign and canon is created.

More drink refills and something about a bathtub coming down the stairs.

Paddington is banished to the attic.  Need more popcorn.

Enter the villain - small bladders and Nicole Kidman.  Bathroom break.  

Evidently Nicole Kidman wants to stuff Paddington which seems very hostile to me.  Maybe she isn't enjoying the new season of American Idol.

More drink refills.

Dr. Who is infatuated with Mrs. Keith Urban.  Tries to help her snatch Paddington but then realizes she is a taxidermist so he turns nice and looks for a blue box.

Lord Grantham decides he wants to save Paddington and wants him to be part of their family.  

The other 3 girls now have to pee.

Yay!  Paddington is saved and they all make orange marmalade together.

Party and movie over.  I needed a drink and it wasn't cherry coke.  

What I saw of this movie was wonderful.  Can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can see the whole movie.