Monday, April 13, 2009

Overheard pearls

Sometimes when you're out and about, you can overhear some pretty amazing things.  Most of the time what you overhear is gossip or trash talking or confrontations.  But this weekend I got to listen in on an unique conversation between a Dad and his two daughters.  I was really touched by these words and I hope you are, too.

Little Girl:  Daddy, is Jesus alive or is he dead?

Daddy:  [After a pondering second or two.]  Well, he's both.  He's alive and he's dead.

Little Girl:  That's kinda cool.

Daddy:  Yes, it really is.

Then later on, I heard this man telling someone that his girls had gotten a puppy a few months back but it recently died.  So they had been asking all types of questions about Jesus, heaven and dying.  He said that he had decided to take them to church on Easter Sunday so that maybe they could start to understand a little more about Jesus.  I hope they enjoyed it and they were able to learn about Jesus.

On a side note, we also took Bean to church on Easter Sunday but I'm afraid the only thing she learned about were the new yogurt treats I shoved in her diaper bag on the way out the door.  Thank goodness that Jesus is patient.

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