Friday, April 10, 2009

You gotta fight for your (undeserved) rights!

I am in a great discussion group where we chat about all types of things.  We have recently been discussing Passover and Easter and this post is taken from those discussions.

I was actually thinking this afternoon about religious holidays and I wondered well if I am an honorary Jew now, why don't I get Jewish holidays along with the Christian holidays off?

So I presented this thought to one of my bosses who is Jewish.  Here's how that conversation went:

PEON: I would like to present something to you about these Jewish holidays.  You know I am a Christian and you give me off all of the Christian holidays, even the ones that fall on Sundays.  (*snicker, snort*)  I believe I should be entitled to have off on the Jewish holidays, too.

THE MAN:  Why are you entitled to the Jewish ones, too?.

PEON:  Well I am a believer in God and I have accepted Jesus as my savior so in doing all of that, you become part of the tribe and you become an honorary Jew.

THE MAN:  You lost me at Jesus.

PEON:  Listen, this is what the Book says.

THE MAN:  What book?

PEON:  Duh, the Bible! I mean, I know you people only read up to a certain page in that one but really it says it in there.

THE MAN:  I have no knowledge of what part you're referring to.  Can you send me a PDF of what chapter you're talking about and I'll be happy to listen to your argument here?

So now I have to find the section in the Bible that adopts me into the faith, and I might have a shot.

If I spent as much time actually working as I do trying to aggravate this man, I might be a very productive worker.

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