Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Project - Bathroom Shelves

My dear Uncle Harold made this bathroom shelving unit for my mother and it used to sit in our bathroom in the house I grew up in.

I've had it in my garage for close to 10 years now. It's just been sitting there collecting dust. If you don't already know, dust is the biggest thing I collect. Anyhoo...at the beginning of summer we decided to start going through the garage and clear some stuff out. I have furniture and all kinds of boxes of items in my garage from my grandmother's and my mother's house. They haven't been touched since they were put in the garage when I moved in this house back in 2000.

This is one of the items I figured we would put in a garage sale. We had one garage sale back a few months ago and this item just never wound up on the truck to the sale. So a month or so ago, Glidden offered free samples of their paint and I snagged one in Robins Egg Blue. I love this color now. It is becoming my second favorite next to pink. (Don't tell pink though cause she is kinda jealous.)

Hubz suggested that I pull out this shelf thingie and paint it with my new paint. He seemed to be afraid I'd make him use the paint on a wall someplace. I think one of the reasons we haven't already started on Baby No. 2 is because he's afraid he's gonna have to paint another room.

We started off with Hubz sanding down the shelves.

Then I got my marching orders. "Get a wet cloth, not too wet cause you don't wanna soak the wood. Not too dry cause you wanna get off all the dust from the sanding." I seriously went through three dust rags before I met inspection. He's a tough one, that Hubz.

I was then let loose to show off my artistic abilities. (Yeah, so what it was only one color on the whole thing? So what? What are you trying to say? I'm not artistic? Huh, buddy?) Okay, so I'm not that artistic but I was still good at my assigned task.

I painted and painted and painted. There is only a little bit of paint on the front porch and there was only a little bit of paint on Bean. Yes, I could have put down a drop cloth like the pros do but I felt like living on the edge, People! And I really just forgot to do it. Bean learned to play the "Opposite Game". This is the game where Mommy says not to do something and Bean does the exact opposite. She's really good at this game. But we went a whole day without having to call Poison Control so I figured it was a good day for us.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. I think it turned out pretty nice and well, just pretty. I love the color. Bean thinks it tastes great and Hubz is still undecided but very glad it isn't on a wall someplace. It is now in our little "toilet room" above the toilet with tons of newly discovered body lotions on the shelves.

How do you guys think it turned out?


  1. It's great! I got my free color too in turquoise. I think I'm gonna use it on our tiny half bath that is currently bright orange....or not. Who knows.

  2. I think it looks beautiful!


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