Thursday, September 3, 2009 - wonderful and weird handmade all in the same place.

Have you ever visited  If you haven't, you really should take a few minutes and stop by.  Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade items.  You can find everything there - clothes, accessories, home decor, all kinds of things.  For Bean's first birthday, I had this made for her from an etsy vendor, TheSewingChic.

But mixed in with all the beautiful handmade items, you can also find some weird stuff.  And I mean WEIRD.  Stuff like this...

Does this freak anyone else out?  It sure does me.  It's called a keepsake box.  Let me just tell you, any keepsakes I have I don't want them in that box.

And to have the gall to charge someone $125 for it is crazy.  But what might be crazier is someone paying $125 for it.  If this can be sold, I got some stuff left over from third grade arts and crafts that I maybe should put up for sale.

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  1. That is really creepy. Who would sell that!? And you're right, who the heck would buy that!? Why in the world would you still the head of a doll on a keepsake box!?!?!


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