Monday, November 30, 2009

Crafty weekend

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We didn't do much of anything really. Hubz had to work all weekend so that left Bean and I to entertain ourselves.  I'm not sure how much entertainment I was.  I probably just got on her nerves but she'll just have to get used to that.

We did do some craft projects I had been wanting to do for awhile.  We first made a new wreath for our front door.  I was inspired by this post on U I still need Hubz to lend some arm strength to the project to finish off the top but I think it turned out pretty.  These are some old glass ornaments and I highly recommend using shatterproof ones instead but I didn't want to go out and buy different ones.  But the glass ones do make for quite a wake-up call when one of them hits the floor.  I was lucky and only had one ornament fatality while making this wreath.

I started with these

and finished with this.

We also finished up a project that Hubz started for Bean last year.  He made her a "doggybank" and I wanted to paint it up in University of Georgia colors.  Here are the beginning and ending pictures for her bank.  She loves to drop change in it.


The polka dots aren't as neat as I'd like them to be.  I think I needed a newer brush and maybe different paint.  Hubz made the bank out of a propane tank.  On the other side I painted her name but since it's her real-life name, I can't show it to you.  It's just as well cause between the old brush, wonky paint and Bean's help in fingerpainting, that side is really messy. I'll just say it's "artistic". 

I have some more projects I'd like to do like some hairbows and a holiday star but those will have to wait until I can find all the materials.  The wreath on the door is all of the Christmas decorating I got done this weekend.  I hope it isn't all I get done this season but if Scrooge, I mean Hubz, gets his way, it will be. 


  1. That wreath is awesome!! Nice work!!

  2. I have always wanted to make a ornament wreath. Maybe I will try to do it this weekend.

  3. Susan, you definitely should try it. It was very easy to do.


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