Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 22 Months!

Bean was 22 months old yesterday!  She celebrated by partying with her cousin, The Only Boy, at his 5 year birthday party.  A good time was had by all, little and big kids.  Even with lots o' runny noses.

I guess it might be time to start planning another birthday party.  Any suggestions or ideas for a 2nd birthday party?


  1. My only suggestion is to keep it simple! ;-)

    Yes, that is a peppermint cake. YUM!

  2. My daughter LOVES football, so we did a "tailgate" for her was so incredibly easy, and she had a blast!

  3. Oh dear; won't be long at all till she's 2! Sorry I can't help with party suggestions; both of my boys just had cake, presents, family, and a friend or two. No games, and no theme.

  4. She's looking so grown-up now! Isn't it funny how much they change and how quickly?


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