Monday, January 11, 2010

Planning a party

The time has come to start planning Bean's 2nd birthday party.  (Excuse me wipe the tears from my eyes.)  Okay, let's continue.

I don't want to have a big huge bash like I did last year.  I just want to keep it simple.  But I doubt that will happen.  Well, it will have to happen on some levels cause Mommy is broke.  It's nice paying for all your Christmas presents with cash and not charging everything on credit.  But then, after Christmas, you realize the're flat broke!  So the Bean's Birthday will have to be downsized somewhat.

I wanted to have a Sock Monkey party.  I love, love, love sock monkeys.  My Aunt Grace made me one when I was little and I loved him.  I would like to say his name was Marty but his name actually changed a lot over the years of play but we will just stick with Marty the Monkey for now.  Marty is still around someplace.  I need to find him and introduce him to Bean, I guess.  But I just thought having everything decorated in Sock Monkey stuff would be cute.  I mean, just look at all this stuff.

*Picture is courtesy of Olio Designs' Etsy shop.

*Picture courtesy of Paper Heart Press' Etsy shop.

*Photo courtesy of Clineff's Confections Etsy shop.

But when I asked Bean if she liked the sock monkeys, she just said "No Mommy".  What?  Listen, let me be honest here.  I tried to bribe the monkey's way in.  I used candy, crayons, change for the piggy bank.  The monkey couldn't get his foot in the door.  So I will put away the sock monkey theme for another year when bribery will be better appreciated.  The Sock Monkey will have his day and his party, too!

So I was back at step one.  No theme, no direction, nada.  Then one day while one vacation, Bean brought me the television remote control and said to me "Elmo".  Once I located Sesame Street on the tv, Bean stood there and kept yelling "Abby", "Abby", "Abby".

O. M. G.!!!  The Bean is an Abby Cadabby fan!!!!  Woot woot!

Can I just tell you all that there is no greater joy than realizing your baby girl is a girlie girl.  Yep, she is in love with the pink, purple, periwinkle fairy fluff known as Abby Cadabby!  I am one proud momma.  I mean, just look at can you not fall in "lurv" with this beacon of cuteness?

*Picture is the property of

So now I have a direction, a focus, a money-spending trap!  I am going to have to reign myself in and not go completely crazy decorating everything that will stand still with iridescent pink or periwinkle tulle.  I don't want to overdo it.  I don't want to scare off the Bean with an influx of fairy finery.  I have to talk myself down.  I can't lose my mind here. 


I've bred a future Pinkie!

Oh, my blood pressure! 


  1. My son go the cutest sock monkey slippers for Christmas. What fun to plan a party around it - since your not maybe I'll steal the idea when my son turns two in April!! :)

  2. To Mighty M:

    Go for it! I love the idea and I tried to sell it but failed. I had even found pink sock monkey stuff for girls and she still shot me down.

  3. I don't think it's possible to overdo pink & purple at a little girl's party! Pink, purple, and just enough Abby Cadabby that she can tell that's the theme should keep expenses to a minimum :)

    And....I never knew who Abby Cadabby was. I remember having Barney, Toy Story, Pirates, Power Rangers, and various other party themes when my sons were little, though.


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