Wednesday, May 26, 2010

St-st-st-sticker Face, Sticker Face

Instead of a Wordless Wednesday post today, I'm just gonna share a regular picture post because I know I will have to use some words to describe this one.

This is what happens when you give Bean a page full of stickers.

Yes, she did this all on her own. 


  1. Crazy girl! What is it about stickers that makes them seem to gravitate toward the head? lol

  2. Haha!!! Someday you will probably want to do that to her too! :)

  3. Hi April,

    Well, that's one use for stickers. I have tons, want me to send you some? - LOL.

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my blog candy give-away and for being a regular visitor to my blog. I am always amazed and gratified to learn that people come back again and again to look at my work. It's a wonderful feeling and it's great to get to know those who are visiting. Thanks again and have a lovely weekend.


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