Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clearing out the camera - Part 3.

Good morning lovelies! Are you ready to continue on with the Great Camera Dump of 2010? Great! Here we go.

I should have started with these because as I am now looking at the dates on these, they are from May of 2009. Gosh,I knew I was a slacker but good gravy! That's pitiful. Oh well, they are still cute.

Bean back in her high chair. I miss those days of being able to confine her in that chair and make her spend quality time with her food. Now I'm lucky to get her to sit down and say hello to food.

*Ignore the product placement.  Lord knows I'm not getting paid for that one.

Can I hold the camera, Mommy?
Bean:  I'm getting sleepy.

Stay tuned for Part 4.  (Yes, this will be all over soon. Keep your seats.)

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