Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "I Don't Haves".

I realized this morning after dropping Bean off at her camp that I never thought I'd be in a school drop off lane with my own child. As I'm pulling out of the school, a really nice SUV that I used to dream of went past me. I had a momentary thought of "I don't have that."

I don't have a brand spanking new car with all the bells and whistles but I do have a car that gets me where I need to be which is to work to earn some money and back home to the people that mean the most.

I don't have a closet full of nice new clothes. In fact, the pants I'm wearing are probably 11 years old. But I do have clothes that are clean and not ragged from having to wear them every day and every night out on the streets.

I don't have one of the big pretty 1920s mansions that I drive by every day and have always dreamed of living in. But I do have a home. It's not paid for but I am able to get up every day and earn some money towards the mortgage. And it is the place I can go to when I can't go any place else. It also keeps my loved ones warm and dry.

I don't have a ton of really cool hip friends but the ones I do have I know if I called them in the middle of the night and said "I need you", I know they'd be there for me.

I don't have the greatest, sexiest body but I do have one that is working without having to be hooked up to machines or packed full of medicines every day. I can run and jump and, for the most part, keep up with my daughter when she wants to play with Mommy.

I don't have my own parents with me any more but I do have the ability to try and be as good to my child as they were to me.

I don't have a celebrity husband but he does have two big strong arms that can hold me when I need comforting. And I think he's beautiful. I see his beautiful face every time I look at my child.

What I do have most of all is love. I have love from my family and friends and tons of love for them, too. And, to me, that's the best gift of all.


  1. Agreed! May not have all the best of everything or lots of money to buy them but what I do have makes me happy!

  2. What a wonderful perspective, if only EVERYONE could think that way, imagine the kind of world we could have.

  3. I love this post!

    I think I need to do a post from this perspective, because I have SO MUCH going on right now that is causing me to lose sight of the important things.


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