Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another first: x-rays!

I got a call at work from Giggles, my MIL, yesterday. She called to tell me that when she picked Bean up from preschool, the teacher explained that Bean had tripped and fell on her hand. It was swollen and red and Bean wouldn't let them look at it or move it. My first thought was "you guys never call just to say hello, do you?"

My second thought was "well, she's about as graceful as her mother and that's not saying much."  I really didn't think much about it at the time. Grandmothers tend to want to baby their babies so I figured it would all be fine with some extra hugs and a bunch of "don't tell mommy about this" candy.

When I got home from work last night, Bean was still favoring her hand. She wouldn't pick anything up with it and wouldn't really move her thumb. So Hubz and I took her to a local urgent care center just to make sure it wasn't broken.  I need to put it out there right now that Hubz said everything was fine and it was just sprained. He wants to make sure you all know that after all the episodes of House he has watched, he came up with this medical diagnosis on his own.

So after a couple of hours at the urgent care, half a bag of Goldfish crackers, and three x-rays later, Bean's hand is officially...sprained. Dr. House Hubz called it.

The nurse wrapped Bean's hand up in a bandage, told her she was a really great patient and sent us on our way.

She looks pretty happy for a kid in urgent care, huh?  But now we have a different problem.  She thinks if we take the bandage off that her hand will fall off.  I don't know if Dr. Hubz had anything to do with that twisted logic or not.  Hmmm....


  1. Wow, scary night. I'm glad she's okay and that it was just a sprain. I have to say that 'Giggles' is a great nickname. I'm glad it's not my nickname but it's a great nickname.

  2. I'm glad it was only a sprain!!


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