Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Letters to My Daughter - Perfect

Dear Bean,

I just wanted to tell you one thing.

I think you’re perfect.

First, I know all mommies are supposed to think their babies are perfect. It’s in our contracts. But I really think you are perfect.

Second, don’t misunderstand me...I KNOW you’re not perfect. No one is. I am reminded of this when the house gets quiet and I start to wonder where you have hidden yourself. I call out your name and ask “what cha doing, baby?”. You call back and say “I not doin’ nuthin’.” I figure I’m in trouble then. I know I’ve got trouble on my hands when I finally find you squirreled away behind your toy bin and discover that you’ve been trying to paint your own toenails. Your whole left foot is blue from the blue nail polish we just bought. Funny though because there isn’t any blue toe nail polish on any of your toe nails, just your foot. And my carpet.

I see all of this and realize the extra work that is in front of me right then to clean up you and the floor and I know it’s not perfect.

But I still think you are perfect.

You see, there is a popular song out now from one of my favorite singers, Pink. Yes, I like her name but I really like her voice and I really, really like that she knows who she is and is satisfied with herself.

There is a part of the song that goes

Pretty, please please
Don’t you ever, ever feel
Like your less than
Less than perfect

Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you’re nothing
You are perfect to me

(We’ll use the edited lyrics since you’ve already learned all the bad words you need to from Daddy and the Black Eyed Peas.)

I know that in this world, the world that you will soon face (too soon for my liking) that you will have days that you will be bullied. And there will be days when you are the bully.

I just pray that on the days you are bullied that you remember you are worth more than someone else’s cheap words. You are worth so much more than someone else’s need to make themselves feel better and more “normal”. Don’t buy into what they are telling you. They know nothing.

And I also pray that on the days you find yourself being a bully to someone else, please, please remember that the person you are trying to belittle is someone else’s perfect child, too. That person is worth more than your need to fit in.

Just always try to remember that you are perfect - to me, and to Daddy, and to so many other people that love you. Mainly, mostly, to me. Mommy will always think you are perfect - even when she knows you’re not.

You are the answer to my prayers. So, so many prayers. And that makes you priceless. And perfect to me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pinkie and The Bean Reviews: GoalForIt.com

I've been asked to do a review of GoalForIt.com. This site helps you create online chore or behavior charts, to-do lists, and goal setting tracking. Please click here to read my full review.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday blahs. What? It's Tuesday???

What do you mean today is Tuesday?  What did y'all do with Monday?

Oh yeah, it passed us by.  I was at home hanging onto our couch for dear life.  Sick again.  I'm really sick of being sick, you know?

And can I just say, between us friends, that 6 straight hours of Barney and Dora will make one start to wonder "when does puberty start?"  Sad to say.  Yes, I allowed my beautiful, creative child to watch television all day.  I was sick.  I'm saving money for therapy already.  Don't worry.

So today I'm back at work trying to actually work.  It's hard when all you want to do is go home and hang onto your couch some more.  I did take a moment to open up my Google Reader where I stay in touch with all of my bloggy friends.  It's a little overwhelming to see it say "Google Reader (1000+)" meaning over a 1,000 posts are sitting there waiting for my peepers to behold them.  Man, you guys sure do have a lot to say, don't cha?

But one highlight of the past few days is finding a new blog jewel.  I love it when I stumble (no pun intended to Stumble) upon a new blog that I know will become a favorite.  If you have the chance, take a minute or 30 to visit Who's Watching the Baby?  The blogger, Kristen, had me at hello...no, that's a lie.  I was interested when I read her post featuring a balloon wreath but then got hooked after I took a sec and read her blog tag line - "Get your own juice, Mommy's blogging".  And then her blog button with "Craft Orphan" just sealed the deal.  Kristen and I seem to have the same sense of humor and you gotta love any gal that's twisted.  Kristen isn't paying me to say all of this.  She isn't even aware of this little ditty yet.  I just really like to support other great blogs out there and am hoping to make this more of a regular thing here on Bean's blog.  I'm nothing if not supportive, dang it!

In another post, Kristen talked about hitting a project block.  I think I'm in the same boat.  I just made a tutu and also went to my monthly card making class.  I will post pictures of what we made this week.  I think I finally did an okay job on the cards.  I've been meaning to share all of our card class projects but was never really happy with my results.  But this month I think they turned out really nicely.  Maybe I'm finally learning something after a year and a half.

I wanted to make Bean a St. Patrick's Day shirt to wear so she wouldn't get pinched for not wearing green.  I didn't get to so now she's on her own.  Oops!  Anyone else out there hitting a block of some kind - writing or crafting?  I hear it's contagious!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Sensory Tub

It's time for March's Sensory Tub reveal. This month's theme is St. Patrick's Day.

Of course you have to go green for St. Paddy's Day but I just didn't have it in me to dye a bunch of rice green. I was kinda burnt out on the rice so I had to come up with something else to use that would allow me to hide the treasures well enough and something that would give a different feeling on Bean's hands when she went searching.

I've seen other sensory tubs done with dried beans so I thought I would look around on that aisle at the grocery store for inspiration.  My first thought was to use some dried white beans until I spied the dried split peas. Ah ha! Perfect.

We bought 4 bags of dried split peas at .89 each = $3.56.

The peas have a completely different feel than rice does. These are smoother. You just want to dig your hands down into them. Hubz said "wow, you should make a pillow or something and use these". Of course then he realized to whom he was speaking and remembered that I am still scared of my brand new sewing machine and said "or not".

I was short on money this month which meant no new treasures from the dollar store for the tub. I had to search around the house for these goodies.

Here are the treasures:

Gold glitter chipboard letters that spell out "lucky"
A green plastic slinky from a birthday party favor bag
Some purple glass flowers and green glass stones
A couple of frog erasers (dunno why I added frogs but I did)
A tiny terracotta pot that serves as the pot of gold, and
A little gnome I've had sitting on a desk. He's playing the part of the leprechaun.

Since I used items I already had, the total cost of this month's box was $3.56 for the beans.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bean's Books - March 7, 2011

I thought I would start sharing with you the latest books on Bean's "reading" list, otherwise known as the "read it again" list.

Her favorite book for the past 2 days is Hello Kitty Visits Grandma!

But she is also reading Olivia by Ian Falconer. 

Dinner with Olivia by Emily Sollinger.

Oh yes, we can't forget Olivia Forms a Band by Ian Falconer.

Olivia is a pretty big deal at our house.

I have also been trying to figure out the best way to start the discussion with Bean about strangers.  I've tried in the past but just don't think she got any of it. I found this Berenstain Bears book, Learn about Strangers, by Stan Berenstain.

We haven't started reading this one yet but hopefully it will get us started again on teaching Bean to be aware of strangers.  Have you had this talk with your child?  Do you have any tips you can share with me?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pinkie's Picks - March 1, 2011

I have found more internet lovelies I want to share with you.

These chalk blocks from Playful Learning are such a great idea and very easy to do.

I just found this blog recently while looking for some Montessori-based projects to do with Bean. I am going to make her a card making basket like this one I found on The Adventures of Bear. I know she will love it.

I know Bean would have a ball playing in a Playdough Bakery like this one at the Frugal Family Fun Blog.

Hey, remember that sewing machine I got for Christmas? The reason I wanted a sewing machine was to make aprons. I still haven't tried to use the machine because it scares me but if I did I'm sure I could find one pattern I liked out of these 24 free apron patterns from Tip Junkie.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day is a Skittles Rainbow cake by Crystal & Company.

We have made this Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup shared by eighteen25 and it is wonderful. You should try it.