Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

On Sunday, FOR MOTHER'S DAY, Hubz, Bean and I visited the Cotton Pickin' Fair, an arts and crafts fair held twice each year. This is my favorite arts and crafts fair out of all the ones I've been to.

Our first stop was to visit with Ms. Linda at Ms. Linda Made It.  I try to stop in and visit her booth every time we go. Her and her husband drive down from South Carolina to display her beautiful handmade little girl's dresses.  She made an outfit for Bean and asked me to try and stop by so she could give it to her.  I featured Ms. Linda and her shop during my Handmade Holidays series last year. Ms. Linda told me they wouldn't be back to this fair in the fall because her daughter is getting married and Ms. Linda is making the wedding dress. Can you imagine? Wow.  I hope she posts pictures up on her Facebook after the wedding. I want to see that dress.

After our visit, we headed on to get some bar-be-que. I believe this is the sole reason that I am able to get Hubz to go with me to this fair. The Masons (I think) sell the best stew I've ever had. Yum!  I've been trying to get Hubz to join the Masons so he can get me that recipe.  He's not the joining type, I guess.

So...after we ate, what do you think we would do next while at an arts and crafts fair? Yeah, we stood in line for Bean to ride a wooden train pulled by a lawn mower. Makes sense, huh?  Sadly, though the lawn mower broke down before Bean could ride. She was heartbroken. But we managed to save the day with the next best thing...her first ever pony ride!

Our little cowgirl!

After the pony ride, we went to the jumpy thing.  I remember loving to jump in the bouncy, jumpy thing when I was young but after watching these kids catapult themselves all over that gigantic pillow, I thought to myself that if I had to do that now, it there would be some broken bones and whiplash involved for sure.

So after the jumpy thing, I finally got to look at some arts and crafts, right?  Um...no.  No, I did not.

Next it was face painting.  Hubz parked himself out of the way and I had to stand in line with Bean in the hot Georgia sun so she could get this done.

There's definitely no denying that this is my kid.  She's a Hello Kitty lover, too.  But this little masterpiece was $4!  Four dollars!  Sheesh.  That's gonna come out of my mad money I brought to spend on play pretties.

Now, please, please, pretty please, can't we look at some arts and some crafts, please?  No, we had to go get ice cream.

After the admission, "be-be-que", a foot-long corndog (Hubz), drinks, pony rides, jumpy things, ice cream, and a fairy wand, I was broke.  Hubz and Bean were both hot and tired.  They both wanted to go home by then.  I reminded them that it was Mother's Day and I was "The Mother" in that equation, but they didn't seem to care.  So, other than googling at Ms. Linda's booth, I saw no arts or crafts at my favorite arts and crafts fair.

Next time, I'm going by myself. 

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