Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weren't you watching her?

This is what happens when Daddy is supposed to be watching Bean.

Can you see the part of her hair that is missing?

She did this quietly in her room while Hubz was on watch.  I have no idea where she found the scissors she used to do this.  But she found some and she cut her hair and Dora's, too.  Dora is about as happy about her new haircut as I am about Bean's.  Great job, Dad.


  1. I am sorry, but I can't help but laugh.

    When I was younger than Bean my mom used to put my long blond hair in pig tails...she still tells the story of when I cut one side off at the elastic. Then I turned the scissors on the cat:) It is good my sister hadn't been born yet...

  2. @cakeologist LOL I'm sure your sister thinks the same thing. I remember when I was young, my Dad was left watching me one day - which hardly ever happened. He fell asleep in his easy chair and I found my mom's scissors. I sat down behind my dad's chair and proceeded to give my doll a Dorothy Hamil hairdo. My mom said the same thing to my dad - "you better be glad she got bored with hairdos before she got to your hair".

  3. Ahhhhhh!! My husband would totally pull something like this. He better never........


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