Monday, March 19, 2012

Life Well Lived: Spring Cleaning Tips

What are your favorite spring cleaning tips?

My most used cleaning tip is to never leave a room empty-handed.  There is always something in one room that is out of place and needs to be shuttled to its correct home.  When I am bustling around the house, I always try to pick up something and carry it with me to put up.  Sometimes I place a basket or two in a room and place items in it that need to be taken to another room for storage.  I will have a basket, or sometimes even a plastic grocery bag, in the kitchen and I will fill it up with items for the bathroom or Bean's room and take it all at once.
This saves steps and makes flitting all over the house a little more productive.

What about you?  Do you have any quick and dirty cleaning tips you can share?

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  1. I think you could actually get a bit done setting a timer and cleaning for like 10 minutes each day and then once the timer goes off you're done!

  2. It is nice to meet you through Life Well Lived! I also did this "LWL" post this week -- it was a fun topic.

    I really appreciated reading Alicia's 10 minute Spring Cleaning tips on BlogHer as I need to organize myself in small intervals this season as I have a lot of family occasions coming up this year.

    You are wise to keep a basket in the room to pick up things. I live in a three story house and baskets are always full of things that need to be taken up or downstairs.

  3. I love your tip... It reminds me of when I waited tables. My manager always drilled it into our heads, and I follow that advice now...


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