Friday, October 19, 2012

The Excuse Form

Now that Bean is in Pre-K and not just "drop off" daycare, if you are late, you have to stop and fill out a tardy slip explaining the tardiness.  Bean got her first tardy slip last week when her Daddy dropped her off.

Today Bean received her second tardy slip through no fault of her own.  When I was handed the slip, I decided to be completely honest as to why we were late.  I wasn't able to take a picture of the actual slip because well duh, I was running late, but here is the actual reason I gave.

Student's Name:  Bean
Date:  10-19-12
Time:  8:03 am

Reason for Tardy:  Men are dumb.  A man, clearly showing his lack of intellect, turned off my alarm instead of his.  Not correcting his mistake and further proving my theory, he failed to reset said alarm so that his wife and child would wake up on time.  As I said, men are dumb.

Sorry but I had to be honest.  My Mamma told me to never lie to the Principal.

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