Thursday, January 23, 2014

And so this happened...

And so this happened last week...

We were the victims of the Polar Vortex.  Polar Vortex.  Who came up with that?

I got a call from a neighbor saying that water was running down our driveway and she didn't think that was normal. 

Neither did I.

By the time my father-in-law got there, he said water was coming out of the front windows onto our front porch.  This is where I left work "supa fast".

Thankfully there wasn't that much damage.  Since there were so many victims of Polar Vortex, this happened on a Thursday but no one could get out to our house until Saturday.  Hubz and I moved out all the furniture and ripped up the carpeting and padding.  Now we are waiting on the insurance company to see how nice they want us to fix the room up. 

I wanted new flooring but I was good with waiting. 

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