Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sprinkle It: Pink Zebra Sprinkles - I'm a Rep!

I have joined Pink Zebra Sprinkles as an Independent Consultant!

That's right - I sell the stuff.

The first time I ever heard of Pink Zebra was at a Girl Scout registration fair.  A lady had a table set up and you could smell her scents from what seemed a mile away.  They looked so cute in their cartons.  It really looked like a candy store set up.  Then in the spring a good friend had a home party and I bought a couple of jars of Sprinkles.  While listening to the hostess, my future upline, share her story about joining PZ and all her knowledge of the products, I kept thinking that I really liked what I was hearing.

When my Sprinkles were delivered, I was so happy with what I ordered.  We have an open concept floor plan and this was the first time I could ever smell the scent I was burning in other parts of the house.  Usually any type of candle I burned could only be detected if you were standing nearby.  It was so different to be able to pick up the smell all over the house and even when we would come home after work, we could still smell the scent when the Sprinkles were cold.  I was hooked!

I joined really to get a discount on the products but once I placed my order for the consultant kit, I started thinking that maybe I could give it a chance and sell to help earn some money for our household.  Any little bit helps nowadays.

I have a website - Pinkie Sprinkles, and I am on Facebook, too.  I even have a Customer group where I run my own specials each week.

Bean loves being a Little Zebra and helping Mommy out with "our business".  I want to work my way up to hosting candle bars at craft shows and vendor fairs but we need to build up our inventory for that.  It will happen.

If you would like to try a sample of our Sprinkles or get more information about the products or hosting your own party - yes, I do Facebook parties! - send me an email at

I'll be sharing more information about our products here too so stay tuned!

Sprinkle on!

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