Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Plan It: Man Down!

Last week I introduced you all to Carole, the Color Crush Planner and her sidekick, Gerome.

That's Gerome.

Or...that was Gerome.


...no Gerome.

Just like any other side piece, they don't last long, do they?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Plan It: Introducing My Color Crush Planner

Look!  It's Carole!
 Meet Carole.

Carole is my brand new Webster's Pages Color Crush planner.  I have been sucked into the world of pretty planners and this is my latest acquisition.

Why does she have a name?

Well I figure if I am going to share so much about my life and plans with something, and if I am going to dress her up weekly with sweet, pretty stickers, and if she will allow me to shove her in my purse and tote her around every day, she ought to have a name, right?  So...yeah...Carole, the Color Crush.  Color Crush Carole.

She has a friend who hangs out with her too.  This is Gerome, the Gnome.  I'm sure it won't take long for us to lose this third wheel but we might as well try to have fun together while he lasts.

I picked Carole up during a Blitsy sale.  If you have not heard of Blitsy, it is a daily deal site but all they offer are craft supplies.  ISN'T THAT AMAZEBALLS????  Yes.  I know!  If you sign up for a free Blitsy account, they will give you $10 off your first purchase.  After using my $10, Carole and Gerome only cost $20!  I don't mind cheap friends.

(The link here is a referral link and I will get credit if you do sign up and make a purchase but then guess what?  You can get the same deal if you refer your friends too.  There is nothing wrong with helping a sister out, mkay!)

I love the stripes.  I also really lurve the inserts that came with Carole.

Menu planning, lists galore, memory keeping.  This girl's got everything!

Just like a real best friend, she reminds you that you are purdy.

I like the weekly layouts and can't wait to slap some stickers on them.

The only downside to Carole is the fact that these pages are small.  This is a personal size planner so of course it is all smaller.  But I find that writing on the inserts is slightly hard for me because I write big.  Carole doesn't really like "big".  So that will take some getting used to, I suppose.  I'll give it a whirl anyways.

If you'd like to check out some of my badly taken photos of my weekly layouts, check out my Instagram at @pinkiebean.

That's it for now.  Carole and I are gonna hang out for awhile.  Yes, okay...and Gerome too.

Blog at ya later!