Monday, February 22, 2016

Bean It: Cookie Season

It's that time of year again...Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Sales are well underway and this weekend we worked our first cookie booths of the season.  Sales have been slow but hopefully they will pick up and each girl can meet her own individual goal.  This year along with meeting their own goals, our troop is also raising money for Backpack Buddies, a charity that puts together backpacks of food for kids to have to eat on the weekends when they don't have access to school meals.  One group of girls from our troop was able to raise $80 during their cookie booth time slot.  Yay girls!

Here are a couple of pictures of Bean selling cookies this year.

If you happen to be out and about and see a troop selling cookies, stop and say hello.  Yes, they want to sell you cookies but they are also little kids just really hoping for a kind hello or acknowledgement.  I can't tell you how many times Bean has made her little speech "would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" and someone has slowed down just to say "ah no thanks".  Each time someone smiles at her, it makes her day, even if she doesn't get a sale out of it.  She just likes the interaction and the smiles from others.

There have been some really cool stories already on social media this season of awesome happenings at cookie booths.  John Barrowman from Torchwood and Dr. Who fame, posted a picture of a Girl Scout at a booth he walked by that hadn't made a single sale all day and he asked people to come out and say hello and buy some cookies from her.  I personally would have just been happy meeting him! Another story I read, a man stopped by a booth and gave the girls $100 and told them to give the next 40 people that came by a free box of cookies on him and ask that they pay it forward for someone else.  Granted, that is a huge help to that troop but it is also an awesome way to make someone else's day better.

We know we are everywhere right now but it's only for 4 weeks and it really does make a difference in the community and in the lives of the Scouts themselves. They learn so much from getting out there and selling these cookies.  If you come across a troop selling, please consider buying or even donating cookies to the military, or really just stop and tell the girls what a great job they are doing.  Those small bits of encouragement really go a long way in making the girls feel special.

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