Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!!!

Even though I'm 5 days late, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  With the exception of Bean's birth, not much else was that great about 2008, unless you consider the ability to get up each morning and work and spend time with family and friends great - which I do or try to do but it seems like sometimes we all forget that sentiment.

I figure that as long as I have a job, I'm doing pretty good because there are some many out there that don't and can't support themselves or their families.  I figure as long as I can walk without pain or very heavy breathing, that I will park farther away from storefronts and maybe, just maybe, that will open up a space for someone else that has a hard time getting around.  I figure that as long as I am not going back and forth to doctors each week, I'll try not to complain when I have to go for a cold here and there.

These are all the things I think.  Makes me sound like a saint, right???  Well, just because I think them doesn't mean I always LIVE them.  I complain about having to pay $30 each and every time Bean has to go back to her doctor for a "re-check" on her ear infections or whatever.  I forget that I should be grateful that I have the $30 (even though sometimes I worry about coming up with it) or I should be grateful that it's only an ear infection and I'm not having to find a cardiologist for my daughter like I overheard another mommy having to do the last time we were at the pediatricians.  I grumble about the fact that I am cold and I turn up the heat at home to a setting that I know is not good for the environment, our electric bill or our checkbook.  I forget there are people out there with no home, no heater or no coat to keep them warm.

I hope that in 2009, I will think before I grumble, rant, rave, act a fool, whatever.  I know that I am a very lucky girl and that I have a LOT to be grateful for and I will try to remember it.  Happy 2009!

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  1. Hey! I found you on Twitter Moms! I too hope that you had a Happy New Year. We went to a Night Watch Service at our Church (which I posted a bit about over at my blog)...

    Anyhow...this is my first time at your blog...feel free to stop by my blog as well and say hello and I will try to return and visit your blog again soon. For every comment that I receive on my blog (as I think we all love to get comments) I try to make it a point to add that person's blog to my favorites and try to return every so often and read up on their blogs and leave comments.

    Hope your New Year is going well!


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