Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These posts don't write themselves.

These posts don't write themselves.

Ain't that the truth!

Some of my bloggy friends have shared recently that they have been faced with writer's block. I know how that feels all to well.

There are days where God help anyone that gets between me and my keyboard. I have an idea in my head and it really is like a bee in a bonnet. I just HAVE to get it out.

Then there are days when I click "New Post" and sit and stare and stare and stare.

I've heard of better other bloggers having a blogging calendar where they actually plan their posts.

  • Day One - On this day I will write about my toes.  
  • Day Two - On this day I will write about my husband's toes.
  • Day Three - On this day I will post a picture of my baby's toes.
I haven't been able to do that.  But these bloggers can consistently come up with read-worthy posts.  I don't like those bloggers.
No, that's not true.  I like them just fine.  I'm just jealous.

I had started carrying a notebook with me and jotting down ideas for posts when they came to me.  I think the notebook cursed me because now I open it and just sit and stare and stare and stare.

Then I start to panic.  Aren't I interesting?  Don't I have any original thoughts? 

Are those other bloggers' lives really that much more post-inspiring than mine?  Probably.  Or maybe they are just better at fumbling their way through writer's block.

There has to be a way to stave off writer's block.  Maybe there's a pill for it?  I'm sure there is but it's probably illegal.

There have to be ways to overcome it.  Do you have a tried and true way to break through the block?  If so, please share it in the comments area.

After all, these posts aren't going to write themselves.


  1. lol you alway make me laugh my dear!
    oh by the way. i love the lingerie shower invitation you made :) toooo adorable!!

    I noticed you have blogher ads on your blog now.. when ever you have time.. would you be able to give me advice on how to get them for my blog! i applied over 6 months and havent heard anything from them :(

  2. Well, you know I'm not one to talk. Every time I get on my computer, I absolutely can't come up with a thing. And although I have several ideas brewing, timing is everything, too. For instance, I don't want to post anything on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, because then it won't be read.

    As for writer's block, if you have a livejournal account, they have a writer's prompt called "Writer's Block" to encourage journalers to at least write *something* in their journals.

    I think I need to go find something similar to this, but for online in general (I hear lj is about ready to cull their accounts which haven't been updated in forever, and I can't seem to ever update or crosspost over there.)

    I will let you know what I find! We can overcome this thing together! Yeah!

  3. I can think of neat things to write about but then forget about what it was by the time I get to my computer.

  4. @Holly I have done the same thing so many times. That is so frustrating.


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