Monday, September 27, 2010


Here are some of the latest Beanisms for you.

Bean said something to her Daddy about her leg. He didn't quite hear her so he asked "what's on your leg?". Bean said "my foot."

While watching a rerun of E.T. this weekend -
Bean: "Is dat a monster?"
Me: "No, he's an alien".
Blank stare.
Bean: "Is dat a monster?"
Me: "No, he's a space creature."
Bean: "Space tree-ture. Alien. Is dat a monster?"
Me: "Yep."
Sorry, E.T. I'll try again later.

She was also upset at E.T. because he "broke dose toys" trying to call home.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pinkie's Picks - September 24, 2010

Happy Friday all! I've found more links to share with you all.

First, though, please remember that if you are an Etsy, Facebook or online retailer of handmade products, please consider being part of my Handmade Holidays blog series I will run in November. If you want more info, please email me at:

Now, let's get to the picks!

This week's crockpot recipe:  Chicken Tortilla Soup by Ya Get What Ya Get.  You can also do this without the crockpot.  I made this on Monday using a rotisserie chicken I picked up at the grocery store.  Hubz loved the soup so it will be added to our family recipe book...which I haven't really made yet but it's on the "to-do" list.

Even I could make this Starbucks Bird Feeder by MaryJanes and Galoshes.  I think.

Ever had a purchase you wanted to make but wondered when the best time of the year was to get the best deal?  Here's a list by Get Rich Slowly called When is the Best Time to Buy Everything.

I think these tiny birthday cakes made by Chocolate on the Cranium are so cute.  Bean would love to help make some of these. 

Clover Lane shows how to make a blog header with Picasa

Make a ChalkCloth table cover for your child's table like this one at Smashed Peas and Carrots. 

Frugal idea of the day - this puzzle storage idea from On the Banks of Squaw Creek.  I saw her post a few months ago and have been looking for these racks at yard sales ever since.  You fellow yard salers need to quit buying these out from under me.  I'd hate for there to be a brawl at the next neighborhood yard sale but I'm tired of missing out.  You have been warned.

Monday, September 20, 2010

It was a Fair weekend.

This weekend was filled with small town, hometown festivals for us. On Saturday, after a very sad day for Hubz - his beloved Georgia Bulldogs lost - I was able to talk him into taking the Bean and I to Founder's Day in our hometown. Founder's Day has booths, a small midway, fireworks and food. I knew Bean would love riding the toddler rides. Boy, did she. She rode them all twice and still wanted more.

She got to ride a motor boat.

For some reason, she has started doing this "chin way up in the air" thing when you tell her to smile for the camera.  I guess she is proud of her chin or maybe how far her neck will stretch.  I dunno.  Hopefully she will grow out of it.

Then it was on to the carousel.

Daddy got to ride the carousel, too.  Daddy wasn't as thrilled as Bean but...whaddaya gonna do?  Mommy was off the designated kid-holder/rider list due to a sinus attack she is still trying to get over.  I knew going round and round was not the best thing for me that night.

Then it was off to forage for fair food.  Have you ever seen or tried deep fried oreos?  I hadn't so I decided to stick with the good ole American favorite of hot dogs.  Just after we sat down to eat, the fireworks show started.  Bean decided she didn't want anything to do with the hot dog or the fireworks and tried her best to hide under my arm pit.  Finally, Daddy was able to talk her down and she decided fireworks weren't so bad as long as Daddy was holding her.

Fireworks down, hot dog eaten, and an outfit change later thanks to ketchup on said hot dog, we were back riding rides.  Bean loves trains and she hoped right up and got in the engine compartment because she wanted to drive.  So did another little girl.  Bean wasn't sure she needed a co-pilot but decided to give it a go.

On Sunday, we went with the in-laws to Heritage Days, an antique tractor show, in a local town.  No rides at Heritage Days unless you bring your own John Deere.  Bean decided she wasn't really into antique tractors and spent part of the day in her stroller with the top down over her head.  I guess maybe she just wanted some alone time.  What finally got Bean out of her bad mood?  Bracelets and lollipops.

Girl after my own heart. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, too.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Pinkie's Picks - September 17, 2010

It's been another crazed week at work. Trial preparation stinks. Oh well, enjoy these picks of mine while you're waiting on me to come up with something original.

This week's crockpot recipe: Balsamic Beef and Onion Pasta from $5 Dinners. I've tried this one and it is pretty good.

Wanting to design your own Twitter background?  Paisley Cat Scraps shows you how here.  She also offers free Blogger backgrounds and great tutorials.

Do you have a toddler (or husband) that you are trying to potty train?  Prudent Baby shows you how to make your own very cute DIY Potty Chart to keep track of their progress.  We use a sticker chart for Bean and she gets so excited when she can put a new sticker on her chart. 

Tip Nut shares ways to use herbs to freshen up your home.  If we could just teach them to pressure-wash...

I am going to make these Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll Ups from Meal Planning Mommies for Bean this weekend.  Of course, there'll have to be some taste testing going on before I can give them to her. 

I have an idea in my head to do something similar to this tin can storage shared on  Darn, now I'll have to use a bunch of canned food in the coming weeks so I can gather the materials needed for this project.  What. A. Shame.

I've never had nor even know what a crostata is but this one from Betty Crocker sure looks good.  Anyone wanna make me one?  

Not really a tip or craft but more a shameless plug for a friend of mine.  Please stop by my friend Holly's blog and tell her she's entirely too cute to be nearing the end of her pregnancy.  She doesn't even have "pregnancy nose" like my friend Melalee likes to call it. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Snakes on a porch.

Yesterday Hubz was weedeating around our front porch and found a baby cottonmouth snake. The cottonmouth was no match for the weedeater though. Well, partially.

Hubz called me over to have a look-see. As I'm walking by the front door, I see what he has. Bean was in the house and I pulled the front door to because I didn't want her running outside. Well, that set her off. I guess she thought she was being left or something. She runs to the door and is pounding on it. But I am completely transfixed by that snake. I couldn't move. (For longtime readers, you all know that I completely believe snakes and birds are "the debil".)

Jerkface, I mean Hubz, leans over and scoops the danged thing up and plops it down on the front porch - there's no railing between my porch and the great wilderness I call the front yard. So this thing is writhing around snapping at whatever. In all honesty, it probably was only 1 to 2 ft. long. It's tail was missing but those fangs were still there.

So Bean's screaming and banging on the front door to be let out, Hubz is wrangling this baby snake ON MY FRONT PORCH, and I'm just about to pee my pants. I couldn't move. This danged thing had been crawling around under my rose bush less than 2 feet from my porch, the one with no railing, it just ends and there's the grass. Bean and I are out there several times during the week, sitting and playing on the porch and around this bush.

Hubz finally leans down and cuts off the head. (Sorry PETA people but it happened.) Hubz suddenly became a superhero in his own mind. Captain Snake Killer picked the body up so he could admire his kill. Once I remembered I had a body, I moved around and opened the door to let the screamer out. I tried to explain to her that it wasn't a big worm and that if she ever saw anything like it again, she couldn't touch it. She was to run and get me or Daddy. Hopefully, Daddy. I'm not sure if she got it. I should have shown it to her before the head got lopped off so she could see it snapping. Maybe that would have scared her. [Sidebar- I don't care what dear Steve Irwin ever said. Snakes are to be feared. Hello! Bible lessons, people.]

So as I'm walking her back inside Hubz says "well, that's only the fourth one I've killed here in 10 years." Jerk. I didn't know about two of those four.

Then last night as I am trying to go to sleep it dawned on was a baby...there must be a momma. Oh Lord.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010's Wednesday?

I have officially lost a whole day somewhere.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and didn't do too much laboring. This weekend was also the official start to college football and Hubz sure didn't miss any televised game. Well, he might have missed one or two when my hissy fit finally kicked in late Saturday afternoon. He did walk away from the television long enough to go out to eat with some friends we hadn't seen in a few weeks.

I did try to make the kickoff of the season go smoothly for him. I made an appetizer fest with all kinds of calorie-laden snacks and dips. I even actually brought him a couple of beers without any thought of dumping them over his head. Wha? Huh?? Why so grumpy, Pinkie???

"Football Frustration" is what I call it.

You know the feeling that comes over you when you have a mile long Honey-Do-List that is gathering dust, you need help bringing in groceries, your child is saying "Mommy, Daddy's yellin' at the T.B.", and your husband is camped out on the couch, all decked out in his favorite college gear, hooting and hollering at the top of his lungs because you know those boys on the "T.B" can hear him. It just becomes too much.

I mean, you never see a woman dressed in her pearls, apron and high heels, sprawled out all over the couch, yelling at the "T.B." saying "Show that glue gun who's boss!", and salivating because the newest season of The Martha Stewart Show has started. That never happens. Not even in my wildest fantasies does that happen. And if it ever did, do you think my husband would be in the kitchen making me snacks and running me mimosas? Not gonna happen. Ever.

Now, I don't mind a little football. I do love to watch our Dawgs play. And I will admit that if there is a really cute player on another team...ahem, like Tebow, then I can force myself to be interested here and there. But not every game between Thursdays through Mondays.

And what's the worst thing about Football Frustration that has me almost in tears? It's just the beginning. There's, what, 15 more weeks in the regular season and then there's playoffs and bowl games. This football crap won't be over until February. Pray for me.

Anyone else out there experiencing any Football Frustration?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pinkie's Picks - September 2, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all! Sit back and enjoy my recent web findings.

Look at this dollhouse made out of dresser drawers from Nice Girl Notes.

I have so many baby clothes that I know I should get rid of but can't bring myself to do it.  These printable size labels from Buttoned Up will help me keep them all organized while I'm procrastinating. 

Look at this diaper cake from Something From Cassie.  It almost makes me want to have another baby.  Calm down, Hubz!  I said "almost".  Sheesh!

This week's crockpot recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice from Eat at Home.

You know, it only takes a brain to think to make a cupcake towers like this one at Annie's Eats.  Too bad I didn't have a brain at Bean's First Birthday Party which was CUPCAKE themed.  "If I only had a brain."

Ah, see!  This is why I haven't gotten rid of all those baby clothes yet.  I am suddenly going to become a quilter and make this baby clothes quilt using all of those precious clothes.  - From Craftastical

I'm just lying.  I'll probably just sit back and eat some blueberry poundcake from this recipe at My Wooden Spoon.