Friday, March 14, 2014

Entryway Revamp

Last weekend I started sanding down our entry way floor.

It's a hardwood that I've never really liked.  The color was way too honeyish and light for me.  I have toyed with the idea of painting it for a long time.  I want to paint and stencil it.  This is my inspiration.

Hubz doesn't like that color though.  I love it.  It feels warm to me.  This is why we never get anything done in our home.  We cannot agree on any colors, styles, patterns.  I'm amazed we picked each other!

After spending some time googling and pinteresting, we both agree that we like greys, blues, and greens.  

Decorchick wrote about her home paint colors recently and when I showed it to Hubz, he liked them (almost all of them) as well.

I also checked out both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore for their latest colors.

Sherwin Williams' color of the year is Exclusive Plum

and Benjamin Moore's is Breath of Fresh Air.

Both of those work for the Hubz too.  Whew.

He said out of all of those, it is now up to me.  Great.  

Now that I have the power to make the final decision, I have choked.  I haven't done so well in the past making paint selections.  We're still living with a Pepto Bismol pink office.  I get a headache whenever I go in there.  

It's been narrowed down to a dark grey with white stenciling or maybe something like this 

Sunrise Stencil Plus on
Using more colors will give more decorating options.

I really like these colors.

Flint by Benjamin Moore.

Caribbean Teal by Benjamin Moore.

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Any thoughts or suggestions on these would be greatly appreciated.  As soon as I get my paint and my stencil I will get to work!


  1. You're gonna hate me April. I know you didn't like the honey coloured stain, but I wouldn't paint. If it were me, since you've already got it all sanded down, I'd put a darker stain on the floor. Maybe a mahogany or a walnut stain. But if you're going to paint, I'd go for colours that aren't too "trendy" because in a few years they will look outdated. And stick with classic colours. Again, nothing too trendy. Unless you don't mind painting every couple of years.


  2. Wow that looks so good! Very bright and stylish. I love it.


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