Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Color Run 2014

On Saturday we joined in on the Happiest 5K on the Planet - The Color Run.  We had a blast.  Bean is already talking about doing it again next year.

We aren't runners by any means so we walked our 5K.  We even called our little team The Crayola Crawlers.  We made team t-shirts too.

We got an early start.  Bean was excited to get there.

We got signed in and then it was time to wait.  I didn't want to be at the front because we were walking.  We didn't want to get in anyone's way.  Turns out there were a lot of walkers that day and a huge turnout all around.    While waiting Hubz took my picture using one of the Kaleidoscopes they had sitting around.

We finally lined up for the start of the race.  Bean looked way cool with her new Color Run unicorn.  She named him Uni.  Very to the point there.

Bubbles and music started!

And we were off!

The pink station was first.  We didn't get a whole lot of pink or purple on us but by the time we got to the blue station, Bean and I decided to roll around in the color powder.  Even Uni got covered in blue.

Hubz decided not to roll around in it.  LOL  Fuddy duddy.

We had a great time and if you are thinking about doing a Color Run in your town, I would say go for it.  It's not timed.  There's no pressure to be first or even to run it.  It's just a happy time.

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