Thursday, October 8, 2009

"I piddy."

Bean has two Nannys. The first Nanny is my husband's mother. We'll call her Giggles. Bean's other Nanny is my husband's aunt. We'll call her The Accomplice. (My own mother passed away several years ago so thank God that he saw fit to send other people in my life that love me or at least tolerate me and love my kid.)

This dazzling duo watches Bean for us while we are at work. Giggles and The Accomplice LOVE my child. They think she is the "bee's knees". Isn't that how Nannies are supposed to feel?

Like I said, they love this kid. So much so that they tell her all day long that she is wonderful. They tell her that she is smart and sweet and loving and pretty. I say, well duh, look who her mother is!!!! I haven't gotten anyone to agree with me on that one yet, though.

So the kid hears this kinda talk all day, right?

Well the other evening, I walked into Giggles' kitchen and the Bean came running up to me. She smiled at me and the first thing she said was "I piddy."

There's nothing like a big huge ego on a toddler, let me tell you.

I just looked at her and said "yes, you are pretty but you're smart, too." She said "no, I piddy."

I wasn't getting my point across evidently.


  1. Haha, well at least she has one of them down!!

  2. Oh, that is too cute! I would try to fit the "well, your smart too" in there. :-)

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